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Roberto Trovato

University of Genova
Roberto Trovato

General Information

Name and Surname: Roberto Trovato
Category: Associate Professor
Knowledge area: Dramaturgy, Theater, female characters
Department: Diras (Italianistica, romanistica, archivistica, arti e spettacolo)
Faculty: Faculty of Letters and Philosophy
University: University of Genova, Italy


Roberto Trovato, Professor of Drammaturgy at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Genova, is the author of more than 130 studies on different moments, figures and aspects of Italian theater between Cinquecento and Novecento. He has dealt with the critical edition of 11 unpublished and rare texts. His studies include Teatro comico del Cinquecento (2005) and Il gest sulla parola. Theater and dramaturgy from classical Greece to the Cinquecento (2012). I have studied among others the texts of Faggi, Fratti, Martini, Steva De Franchi, Guidoni and Bono.