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Doc. Mercedes González de Sande

University of Oviedo
Doc. Mercedes González de Sande

General Information

Category: University Professor

Knowledge area: Italian Philology

Department: Classical and Romance Philology

Faculty: Philosophy and Letters

University: Oviedo, Spain


Doctor in Italian Philology from the University of Salamanca, with an Extraordinary Prize, she was Professor of Spanish Language, Culture and Translation at the Universities of Bergamo and Genoa (Italy), Professor of Italian Philology at the University of Murcia, and is currently a Full Professor of Italian Philology at the University of Oviedo.

Her main field of research focuses on the comparative study of Italian-Spanish linguistics, literature and culture, with particular attention to linguistic analysis in literary texts, as well as to the historical-cultural and linguistic-literary interrelationships between Spain and Spain. Italy. She also deals with the study of the problems of Italian-Spanish / Spanish-Italian translation, and the practice of translation in different fields, especially literary, historical, artistic and legal. In her research activity, her priority dedication to the field of female writing stands out, with particular attention to the role of women in literature, and, especially, to those unknown Spanish and Italian intellectuals, as evidenced by the numerous publications and activities that has done around this question.

She is the author of numerous volumes, critical editions, monographs and essays published in volumes, magazines and national and international miscellanies, among which we highlight the essays La cultura española en Papini, Prezzolini, Puccini and Boine (Roma, Bulzoni, 2001); and The Dream Constitution: Italian Poetry of the Liberal Triennium. Critical study and annotated bilingual corpus (Editions of the University of Salamanca, 2019); the critical edition and translation of the collection of short stories Separaciones, by the Italian writer Francesca Sanvitale (Arcibel, Sevilla, 2007), of the novels Las Rosas de Córdoba y Las violetas de Invierno, by the Italian writer Adriana Assini (Arcibel, 2010 and 2018, respectively), from the poetic work Nada concede el aduanero, by the Italian writer Raffaele Nigro (with Estela González and Mercedes Arriaga, Arcibel, Seville, 2008), from the novel L'uomo che non voleva essere padre, by the Italian writer Giuseppe Quatriglio (Arcibel, 2013), and Rosa Califronia's treatise, Brief defense of women's rights (Arcibel, Sevilla, 2013), among others. She has also prepared numerous volumes dedicated to the role of women in history and literature; among which titles such as Scrittrici e figure femminili stand out: Letteratura italiano e italo-spagnola (Arcibel, Sevilla, 2009), Donne, identità e progresso nelle culture mediterranee (Aracne, Roma, 2009), The image of women and its projection in literature, society and history (Arcibel, 2010), or Italian writers from the 15th century to the present day (Maia Ediciones-Superior Council of Scientific Research, Madrid, 2013). Within the same line of research, together with other researchers, she has taken care of different editions on gender issues, among which the following stand out: Italian writers: Literary Genres and Comparative Literatures (Arcibel, Sevilla, 2007), De lo sagrado y lo profano : women and writers behind / between / without borders (Arcibel, Sevilla, 2008), Role of women / Women of paper: Journalism and communication from the 19th century to today (Sestante, Bergamo, 2008), Writers and female figures (Literature in Spanish) (Arcibel, Seville, 2009).

She is vice president of the University Association for Women's Studies (AUDEM), of which she was president, from 2010 to 2018.

In addition to having participated in numerous national and international research projects, she was the main responsible for the Research Project "Scrittrici spagnole e italiane: lingue, letterature e culture a confronto", funded by the University of Bergamo and the Italian Ministry of Education.

She is director of the collection "Italian and Italian-Spanish Studies", of the Arcibel publishing house in Seville, and of the collection "Translations and interculturality", of the Benilde publishing house. Likewise, she is a member of numerous editorial and scientific committees of national and international magazines and literary collections.