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Rita Fresu

University of Cagliari, Italia
Rita Fresu

General information

Name and Surname: Rita Fresu

Category: Full Professor

Knowledge area: History of the Italian language, Italian linguistics
Department: Department of Letters, Languages, Cultural Heritage
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
University: University of Cagliari


Rita Fresu is Full Professor of Italian Linguistics at the University of Cagliari. She has dealt with various aspects of Italian linguistic history from the 14th century to the present in a variational perspective. Her researches are focused on non-literary writings of various periods and textual typologies (letters, practical and bureaucratic documents, autobiographies, chronicles, diaries), on the processes of Italianization and formation of the language of use, on gender issues, observed above all in diachronic perspective (with particular attention to female writing and women's acculturation paths). She also dealt with the language of Massimo Bontempelli and with the linguistic events related to the Great War. She is a member of several institutions and a member of the Abruzzi National History Deputy. For the three-year period 2018-2020 she is a Board Member of the ASLI (Association for the History of the Italian Language) and a member of the board of the ASLI Scuola. She has collaborated on numerous lexicographic works and has published several monographs, critical editions accompanied by linguistic analyzes and philological-linguistic studies (extended curriculum at