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Ioannis Tsolkas

Kapodistriaca University, Greece
Ioannis Tsolkas

General information

Name and surname: Ioannis Tsolkas
Category: Full Professor
Knowledge area: History of Italian Literature and European Culture
Department: Department of Italian Language and Literature
Faculty: Faculty of Arts
University: National Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece


IOANNIS Dimitrios TSOLKAS is professor of History of Italian Literature and European Culture in the Department of Italian Language and Literature at the "Koper" University of Athens. He graduated in Modern Literature from the department of Italian language and literature in Thessaloniki. He did his PhD at the department of Italian language and literature in Thessaloniki. He teaches: since 2000 at the University of Athens "History of Italian Literature", "Italian Non-fiction", "Italian Short Story and Novel", "History of Italian Theater", since 2003 at the National School of Public Administration and since 2008 at the Telematic University state “History of European literature”.

He is the author of numerous articles and books: "History of Italian literature", "The Greek Risorgimento and its resonance on the Italian literature of the 19th century", "Italian literature from the fifteenth century to the Enlightenment", "Futurism and Greece" , "Giuseppe Regaldi and the Greek Risorgimento", "The accidents of Parga, Giovanni Berchet, Ugo Foscolo and Andreas Calvos", "Teaching Literature in the Globalization era", "Activities and ideals in the" Olympics "", "History of literature Italian "," Versi vagabondi "," Globalization - Identity - Interculture "," Globalization, War, Politics, Human Sciences "," Italian Nonfiction "," The Italian Tale in the Twentieth Century "," The need for the last cigarette in the work and in the life of Italo Svevo "," Machiavelli's poetics and "The mandrake", "Un Hidalgo 400 años et 15 literarios Italianos", "The coherent and unknown philellene Angelo Brofferio" from Missolοnghi "", "The Italian Molière" , “Cesare Pavese and his poetics”, “If the home country is named Earth”, “IM ass-Media in a democratic society "," The Italian society of the twentieth century through the perspective of the Italian story "," "The authorities" in the works of PP Pasolini "," Not only in vain but with great damage "," Echoes overseas: The two trips to Greece of the «Sicilian-Greek» Salvatore Quasimodo ”,« Giovanni Boccaccio and the “Decameron” »,“ Eugenio Montale: a total disharmony with reality ”, etc.

Ioannis Tsolkas is a member of the University Senate in Athens and of many cultural societies and institutes: Institute for the history of the Italian Risorgimento (Rome), International Academy of Cultural Propaganda (Rome), Sociètè Europèenne de Culture (Venice), European University Research Center (Bologna - Ferrara - Pavia), Permanent Observatory on Pavesian Studies in the World (Cuneo), Association of Graduates in Italian Universities (Athens), Luigi Salvatorelli Foundation (Marsciano), Greek Committee of the Strega Prize (Athens).

Since 2012 he has been coordinator of the cultural agreement between the "Capodistriaca" University of Athens and the University of Palermo.

From 2003 to 2006 he was coordinator of the European project The Ways of Migration within GRUNDTVIG 1 and 2 and other European projects.

Since 2015 in charge of the Faculty of Arts and the Library of the Faculty of Arts.

In addition to the Italian language, he writes and speaks English and French fluently.