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Nicoletta Bazzano

University of Cagliari, Italy
Nicoletta Bazzano

General information

Name and Surname: Nicoletta Bazzano
Category: Professore associato
Knowledge area: Modern Storia
Department: Dipartimento di Lettere. Lingue e Beni culturali
Faculty: Facoltà di Studi Umanistici
University: Università degli Studi di Cagliari

Scopus ID: 51791472564


She has dealt with the political-institutional and cultural history of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries of Spanish Italy, with particular attention to Sicily; of political symbolism, developing research on the female allegory of Italy from antiquity to the present day; of ceremoniality in viceregal Palermo. She also deepened the relationship between historiographic writing and literary writing, studying the case of Sardinian narrative production of historical subjects, and the relationship between the center of Madrid and the Sardinian periphery through the analysis of the Sardinian parliament in the age of the Austrias maiores. On the sidelines of his scientific activity, mainly centered on themes of modern history, she studied some aspects of the history of the twentieth century costume, focusing on female social models. She is currently reflecting on the political and cultural role of women in the early sixteenth century in Italy, examining the female figures of the Colonna house.