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Male Voices in the Woman Question

The contribution of Italian writers of the XIII-XVII centuries to the debate of the Women's Complaint is practically unknown, it has not been sufficiently studied or valued. Most of the texts of these authors remain handwritten, without modern editions in Italian and without Spanish translations that allow access to them, both by the scientific community and by society in general. MenforWomen intends to digitize, study, edit and translate twenty-two texts that represent an important contribution to reconstructing the history of feminist ideas before literam, the history of Italian literature and the history of Italian-Spanish relations. The absence of these texts subtracts important documents for the interpretation of the past and for the critical vision of the present, either from a literary point of view, or due to the history of egalitarian ideas between the sexes. From a social and cultural point of view, the writers who participate in the Women's Complaint constitute relevant antecedents for the construction of new masculinities that can be involved in egalitarian policies and in the eradication of sexist violence.

Responsible: Mercedes Arriaga Flórez / Daniele Cerrato
Type of Project / Aid: State Plan 2017-2020 Knowledge Generation - R + D + i Projects
Reference: PID2019-104004GB-I00
Start Date: 2020-06-01
End Date: 05-31-2024

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