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Mauro Canova

High school teacher
Mauro Canova

General Information

Name and Surname: Mauro Canova
Category: Teacher (Scuola secondaria)
Knowledge area: Dramaturgy, Theater, female characters


Mauro Canova, a secondary school teacher, has specialized in the theater of the sixteenth century with essays on Ruzante and the Venetian theater, Giordano Bruno, Bargagli etc. he has also dealt with Shakespearean theater and Italian theater from the eighteenth to the twentieth century (Da Ponte, Goldoni, De Filippo, Franca Valeri, Adelaide Ristori). Recently he has created in collaboration with Roberto found the critical edition of the theatrical works of Giuseppe Baroncini. He also has to his credit studies on Boccaccio and on Italian poetry of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.