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Angela Giallongo

University of Urbino, Italy
Angela Giallongo

General information

Name and Surname: Angela Giallongo
Category: già Professore Ordinario
Knowledge area: Storia dell’educazione
Department: DISCUI
University: Urbino - Italy

Researcher ID: ABH-8819-2020
Dialnet: https: // QuerysDismax.DOCUMENTAL_TODO = Angela + Giallongo
Ugov ID: 971
Google Scholar:


The research of Angela Giallongo (former professor of Educational History at the University of Urbino) privileges long-lasting informal educational processes and phenomena: sensory and visual experiences; behaviors and stereotypes; emotions and imaginaries; childhood and gender history in pre-modern European societies (in particular, didactic and iconographic sources of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries) and contemporary societies. Scientific activity is widespread with publications, participation in scientific committees of conferences, magazines, editorial series, doctorates, seminars and university courses at national and international level (France, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Poland, United Kingdom).