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Manuel Giardina

University of Sevilla
Manuel Giardina

General Information

Name and Surname: Manuel Giardina
Category: Researcher
Knowledge area: Italian Philology
Department: Integrated Philologies
Faculty: Faculty of Philology
University: University of Seville



Manuel Giardina graduated in Modern Literature in 2015 from the Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy) with a final work on "The Sicilian Poetic School: Inchoative Aspects of Giacomo da Lentini's Poetry". In 2016 the international master's degree in European Literary Culture begins between the Università di Bologna (Italy), the University of Strasbourg (France) and the University of Thessaloniki (Greece) which ends in 2018 with a study on the «Birth and development of Philohellenism between the 18th and 19th centuries ». In 2019 he won a scholarship at the Università di Palermo (Italy) to continue his research in the literary field with the University of Thessaloniki. He begins to publish articles on Philohellenism as a subject in Italian literature. In 2020, he began his doctoral studies at the University of Seville and his lines of research approach the R + D MenForWomen project of the Writers and Scriptures Research Group where Italian authors from the 13th to 17th centuries who wrote in favor of La Querelle des Femmes.