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Angelo Rella

University of Szcecin, Poland
Angelo Rella

General Information

Name and Surname: Angelo Rella
Category: Professor
Knowledge area: Italian Philology
Department: Literature and New Media
Faculty: Faculty of Humanities
University: University of Szczecin



He deals with the problems of Italian literature, and with the new forms of language, he is convinced that culture must be "polytechnic", that is, complete. For many years he has been involved in Poland as a promoter of Italian culture and language, he has directed the Department of Italian Studies at the University of Szczecin of which he is the creator and initiator and which after the reform merged into the Institute of Letters and New Media.

He is currently the director of the research group on religious writing, and conducts scientific research in the field of contemporary and mass literature and genre literature, intuitist poetry, and 16th century Italian literature. Special attention is paid to female figures and characters and to authors who have written in favor of women.