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Francisco José Rodríguez Mesa

University of Córdoba
Francisco José Rodríguez Mesa

General information

Name and Surname: Francisco José Rodríguez Mesa
Category: Doctor Assistant Professor (accredited to Doctor Contracted Professor)
Knowledge area: Italian Philology
Department: Language Sciences
Faculty: Philosophy and Letters
University of Cordoba

Researcher ID: AAA-3459-2019
Google Scholar:


Assistant Professor of Italian Philology at the University of Córdoba. His research has dealt with various aspects of medieval and Renaissance Italian literature. For some years now, his studies have focused on the role of women in some Italian works of the Trecento, mainly by Boccaccio (Decameron, De mulieribus claris) and Petrarca (De insigni obedientia et fide uxoria, Rerum vulgarium fragmenta).