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Ortensio Lando

Milan, 1500-Naples 1556-1559
Ortensio Lando

Ortensio Lando was born in the Lombard capital in the first decade of the 16th century. Belonging to the Augustinian order, with the name of Fra Geremia, at a certain point in his life, probably around 1550, when he became apostate, he was forced to leave Italy to reach Lyon. In the years preceding his arrival in the French city, he travels a lot, settling in Bologna, for a fairly long period, during which he will probably carry out medical studies without ever completing them. During his numerous wanderings he comes into contact with Madruzzo, protector of writers, with whom he will establish a relationship, which will be kept alive for years. In addition to the monastic experience, Lando applied himself in the humanities, dedicating himself, in particular, to the Greek language. The already uncertain information regarding the author's biography is becoming more and more summary and, in the mid-1500s, all traces of him are lost. The date of his death was placed between 1556 and 1559.