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Girolamo Borro

Arezzo, 1512-Perugia, 1592
Girolamo Borro


Of the early years of Girolamo Borro's life (also known as Gerolamo Borri, Hieronymus Borrius) we only know that he was born in Arezzo in 1512. Professor of theology and philosophy at the University of Pisa when Galileo was a student there, Girolomo Borro was the author of several works, including two important treatises on natural philosophy - an intriguing dialogue on the tides (Dialogue of the ebb and flow of the sea, 1561, with further revised editions printed in 1577 and 1582, which included the indicted Reasoning of Telifilo Filogenio della perfettione of women, and a book on the movement of heavy and light bodies (De motu graveum et levium, 1575). Borro's works are important for a deeper appreciation of the Aristotelian Renaissance natural Galileo's scientific training on motion (De motu antiquiora).

Due to bitter controversies and serious events with the Holy Office, persecuted by suspicions and a victim of envy, Borro did not have an easy life, so much so that in 1586 he was expelled from the Pisan studio to go to the University of Perugia, where he died in his eighties on August 26. 1592.