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Girolamo Camerata

Randazzo, ?-?
Girolamo Camerata

In the Topographical Dictionary of Sicily, by Vito Amico, (Palermo, 1856: 415), Girolamo Camerata is mentioned among the well-known characters of Randazzo, as “Girolamo Camerata, an excellent philosopher, doctor, and rhetorician” (1856: 415). The period in which he lived is not mentioned, but since the professions of physician and philosopher are mentioned, and the hometown, it could be concluded that it is precisely him. Among the other traces, there is an archival document preserved in the State Archives of Florence, Mediceo del Principato, vol. 4902, insert 1, f. 73. It is a letter that Leonardo di Antonio de 'Nobili, the Tuscan ambassador in Spain, sent to Cosimo I de' Medici in Madrid, dated 21 August 1568, demonstrating that Camerata sent his work to Madrid: “Girolamo A Sicilian comrade in the past months sent me several volumes of a treatise composed by him of true honor, et dishonor, so that I could have them presented to whom he was addressed with his letters ".