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Salvatore Bartolotta

UNED of Madrid
Salvatore Bartolotta

General data

Name and Surname: Salvatore Bartolotta
Category: University Professor
Knowledge area: Italian Philology
Department: Foreign Philologies and their Linguistics
Faculty: Philology
University: National Distance Education University (UNED)

Researcher ID: AAA-2483-2019
Scopus ID: 57196477313


Salvatore Bartolotta is Associate Professor of Italian Philology at UNED and Coordinator of the Italian Philology Area and of the International Doctorate Program in Philology at the same University. Author of numerous studies on Interlinguistics and Italian Linguistics for Laterza, Dykinson and UNED, among others. In the Gender Studies line we recall numerous contributions in impact magazines, articles and essays in volumes for Editorial Comares, Visor Libros, Peter Lang GmbH, Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca and monographs for ArCibel and Aracne.