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María Dolores Valencia Mirón

University of Granada
María Dolores Valencia Mirón

General data

Name and Surname: María Dolores Valencia Mirón
Category: University Professor
Knowledge area: Italian Philology
Department: Department of Philologies: Romanesque, Italian, Galician-Portuguese and Catalan
Faculty: Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
University: University of Granada

Scopus ID: 57063524700
Google Scholar:


María Dolores Valencia is Professor of Italian Language and Literature at the University of Granada. She specializes in the study of Italian Baroque literature, the relationships between the man of letters and political power, the mandatory baroque meter and Italian women's literature, and has also dealt with literary translation. She collaborates in specialized magazines and is also the author of numerous essays on contemporary Italian literature on Pirandello, Papini, Borgese, Bontempelli, Bufalino and Paola Baronchelli, among others.